Experience Quality Vaping Using VGOD PRO SubTank

If you have been vaping and enjoying it till date, you know the implications a sub tank has on the device. For that, you must always choose the right device with a good subtank. Likewise, the VGOD PRO SubTank is one of the finest options you have. Now, this sub tank is a minimalistic tank that has been packed with features. This multifaceted tank is what every vaper would need for a phenomenal vaping experience.

What Makes VGOD PRO SubTank Special?

Wondering why you should choose this subtank over the others? Well, here are some of the reasons that would always make you choose this over the others.

Leak proof top fill is one of the primary reasons why you would choose it over the other similar tanks. There are no worries of leakage and spillage when using the subtank. The Delirin drip tip is actually a one piece cap. Removing the top cap reveals the top-fill design of the two fill slots allowing easy refill.

Being a Pyrex glass tank, the VGOD PRO SubTank comes with an amazing 5ml ejuice capacity making it a great option for vapers who wish to enjoy long time vaping. In fact, the clear glass shows the VGOD flag crest inside and inside it is also a nearly opaque black glass tube. There are very few subtanks with such an amazing e-liquid capacity on the market.

The base separation feature is something most vapers would vouch for. With easy base separation facility you can clean it easily.

It also offers you a wide adjustable airflow that makes it a smart choice. Moreover, if you want quality vaping, the subtank is definitely something you would invest your money into.

In others flavor and vapor is what you get in abundance when you opt for this VGOD PRO SubTank.

Quick glance at features of VGOD PRO SubTank

• 24mm Diameter Base

• Hinge and Lock Top Fill System

• Swivels Open and Shut

• Dual Fill Port

• 3ml Max Standard Capacity

• Shotgun Coil Family

• 0.2 ohm

• 30 to 100W

• 60W Recommended Range

• Dual Adjustable Airslots

• Stainless Steel and Glass Construction